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One Of Us Is Lying

A murder, four lies, one truth. Simon Kelleher, the founder of the school's gossip app is famous for exposing the truth and passing the message to all his viewers. One day after a prank gone wrong four other students including Simon wind up in detention. Bronwyn (Yale hopeful), Addy (Prom queen), Nate (Bad boy) and Cooper (Sport star). All five enter detention but only four live to tell the tale. What really happened? In my opinion this book was...Amazing! It was a different experience reading this book compared to others because it had so many plots and twists. This book really keeps you on your feet. My favourite character or characters would have to be Nate and Bronwyn. At the start we see these two characters as the stereotypical 'nerd' and 'druggie' but as the storyline unfolds you can really see how wrong we are about them. My favourite moments within this novel was seeing Nate and Bronwyn's relationship develope and turn into a major part of the book's storyline. I would recommend this book to teenagers who are 13+ because it contains some things that younger readers may find inappropriate and unsuitable. I would also recommend this book to people who enjoy murder mystery and mystery books. I rate this book a 10/10.